Filipino people are known for holding close their Christian faith. But this wasn’t always so… Sherin Thawer congratulates the Philippines in celebrating 500 years of Christianity:

As of 2021, Christianity has been ingrained in the Filipino culture for five whole centuries.  To celebrate the momentous occasion, the Church will host a public event.  However, only 300 individuals will be able to attend, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Anyone else interested in joining in the festivities will have to do so by tuning in online.  As of right now, no plans are set in stone for the event.  Though Father Jonathan Rubin, Content Manager of the Filipino Archdiocese, expressed that there is a Plan B option which would see the entire event going digital for all.  Proud believer in the Christian faith, Sherin Thawer, is happy to see such a historic milestone come together for the Philippines.