So, you want to be a Christian Counselor. Here’s how to get started on the journey, with two tips of advice from Sherin Thawer.

Living a life of faith can mean many things.  For the average Christian, it means studying scripture and embracing the community of the church.  But what if you want to live your life more directly for Christ without becoming a pastor?  Christian Motivational Speaker, Sherin Thawer, sheds light on how you can take your love for the lord a step further by becoming a Christian Counselor.

  1. Be sure that your Christian faith is strong — and resilient.

As a Christian Counselor, you will work to point your clients towards spiritual solutions.  Very literally, you ought to practice what you preach.  Of course, how could anyone trust in your suggestions if you don’t believe in such yourself?

  1. Research Licensing and Certification Requirements

As a Christian Counselor, you can work under an existing parish, collaborate with a nonprofit or launch your own private organization.  However, rules vary by state, with many requiring a license or certification to operate.  Make sure you take this into consideration and do all necessary research prior to your pursuit.