During an archaeology expedition in Egypt, artifacts have been uncovered that point to Egypt’s early Christian community. Christian author, Sherin Thawer, dives into this incredible discovery:

Egypt’s ties to Christianity are clear.  In the Holy Bible, numerous stories portray the existence of Christianity in Egypt — and many modern day history books paint the same picture.  But now, that story is even more clear — the picture, much more vibrant.  According to Smithsonian Magazine, archaeologists discovered an entire community of Egyptian relics that are Christian in nature. 

Of the discovered clues at the site, Sherin Thawer is most amazed by the churches and monastic cells that are still standing today in this recently discovered ancient community.  (Even though they were erected between the fourth and eighth centuries A.D.!)  It’s incredible how the Lord holds up the treasures we have built for him.

Luke 12:32