More and more people are turning to ASMR to relax, go to sleep or even relieve their anxiety. A unique and comforting category within this world of audio and visual comfort is Christian ASMR, created with the Lord in mind. Sherin Thawer explains the genre of videos found on YouTube:

As Christians, we often practice the process of giving our stress and anxiety to the Lord.  Placing our worries into His hands is a comfort. Whether that’s accomplished through prayer or meditating on His word, we turn to the Lord in times of strife.

In recent years, ASMR videos have offered a calming form of relaxation on creative spaces, like YouTube.  ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is centered around a sedative sensation that some experience while listening to certain sounds, called ‘triggers.’  Creators of ASMR content have taken this in all sorts of directions, producing truly creative and unique videos.

And of course, the Lord has found His way into ASMR as well!

More and more Christian-focused ASMRtists (or creators of ASMR content) have been cropping up recently.  In their videos, these creative visual and audio artists read scripture while performing triggers such as tapping, softspeak, whispering and other comforting sounds.  All the while, His word remains at the forefront of each video.

The goal for Christian ASMR transcends that of the typical content found in this category, which generally focuses on relaxation for the purpose of sleep or anxiety relief.  In Sherin Thawer’s observation, Christian ASMR content is a powerful demonstration of how turning to Him can melt your stress away.. And, in effect, truly change one’s life.  Through these videos, Christian ASMRtists are not only calming their listeners with His word, but also introducing so many people to the Lord in their time of need.

Here is one of Sherin Thawer’s favorite Christian ASMR videos, which features a full reading of the Gospel of Mark.